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Pre-appointment wedding dress questions? Please have a look at our FAQ’s.


It is never too early to start looking!

We can offer all new brides-to-be a styling appointment, to give advice on different styles and to try on dresses, to give you confidence in knowing what dress is best suited to you

Yes.  It is important to have time in a relaxing, private environment to choose your dress.  You have the whole boutique to ourselves for the whole appointment without being disturbed.

Weekend appointment get booked up far in advance but if you are available during the week, we can be more flexible.  We also have some Sunday and evening appointments available on request

No charges  for any appointments, but can we request that if you are unable to attend, to please contact us as soon as possible so the appointment time can be offered to other brides.

No problem as all our dresses are off-the-rail so can be bought and taken on the same day!

Nude coloured underwear is usually best, but no rules, you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, even leaving your socks on!

If you have your wedding shoes and any other accessories, please bring them along too.

Bring who ever is important to you to help you make your decision but remember ultimately it is your decision! 

We normally advise not to bring more than 2-3 people as lots of differing opinions can be confusing to you.

We would also advise not to bring small children, as they can be very distracting and we want you to be able to relax and enjoy the occasion. 😊